The role of educational administration in achieving job satisfaction in kindergarten


The research aims to identify:- The concept of management and its role in achieving job satisfaction .On the administrative style required to achieve job satisfaction .The correlation between educational administration and job satisfaction .The research sample consisted of (21) kindergarten directors in the third Karkh Education Directorate for the academic year 2020/2021. The researcher prepared the educational administration scale consisting of (35 items) represented by three axes, and the job satisfaction scale (18 items) represented by three axes for kindergarten directors, and its scale is triple in The answer is (totally agree, agree, disagree) and to analyze the results, it was done Relying on (Pearson’s correlation coefficient to extract stability by retesting method, the Cronbach’s alpha equation, and the one-sample t-test to test the significance of the differences between the mean responses of the sample members and the theoretical average for two measurements. Between educational administration and job satisfaction, and in light of this, the researcher developed a set of recommendations and suggestions.