Formulation and Simplification of Data Input and Output for Group Technology Technique in Cellular Manufacturing Systems


In most of the group technology approaches the formulation and simplification of date entry has been ignored. This has lead to difficulties and complexity for the end-user of the group technology, especially in the cases where the number of machines and components are large and complex. The way the data are inputted are in the form of a 0-1 matrix, which is quite difficult, troublesome, and error creation is possible in their entry, even with double-checking in their input. Also for output results, as it is given in the form of the 0-1 matrix and left to the end-user to interrupt instead of giving the results in a such a way that it could be used by the end-user directly.In this paper, a systematic formulation of data input and output is introduced so as to make easier for the users to enter their data as simple as possible and with minimum error occurrence, especially in the cases where there are considerable number of machines and components to be dealt with. And also use the results directly without any further interpretation.The proposed system for data entry and output interruption has been applied and then implemented in two different companies with easiness and apparition of end-user in terms of data input, Minimum corrections, simple and direct usage of outputs without further interpretation.