Local Expression of MMP-7 in Oral Cancer


Background: Squamous cell carcinoma of the oralcavity (OSCC) is a highly invasive neoplasm. ManyMMPs play role in human cancer invasion andmetastases.Aim: Estimating The MMp-7 expression level inHPV-16 positive and HPV-16 negative OSCCparaffin embedded sections.Method: Biopsies from thirty three patients with oralsquamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) were obtained andinvestigated for the presence of HPV-16 RNA withthe application of ISH and the MMP-7 expressionlevel using IHC .Results: Expression level of MMP-7 found to be highin OSCC sections 29 (87.8%) cases with nosignificant difference in its expression level betweenHPV-16 positive and HPV-16 negative OSCC casesp= 1.00.Conclusion: MMp-7 found to be expressed in highlevel in OSCC with no significant relevance to HPV-16.