Managing The Diversity of The Human Resource and its Role in Achieving The High Performance of A Sample of Private Hospitals in The Holy Province of Karbala


The research aims to determine the role of managing the diversity of the human resource in achieving the high performance of the organizations applied in our Iraqi organizations. In order to achieve this purpose, the researchers adopted the dimensions of managing the diversity of the human resource (Equal opportunities, affirmative action assessments, comprehensive awareness of diversity) (Larky, 1996), The dimensions of high performance (quality management, long-term commitment, openness and effective orientation, continuous improvement, labor force quality) were also based on (DeWaal,etal.,2014), A questionnaire was used to determine the significance of the correlation between the variables and the F test to determine the significance of the regression equation. In addition, R2 was also used to explain the effect of the independent variable in the dependent variable. One of the most important conclusions reached is that "the entry of new hospitals with new agreements and partnerships with various Arab and foreign hospitals is necessary to enhance the cognitive thinking of their human resources and facilitate the management of the diversity of human resources. From various countries in the world, who are able to provide the best services to match the services provided in international hospitals in terms of experience, skill, knowledge and accuracy in work.