Use of artificial intelligence technologiesIn Teaching and developing Arabic language skills


There is no longer any doubt among linguists and linguists that the Semitic family is the oldest in the alphabetic languages. It is that region that represents mainly Iraq and the Levant. Starting with the Akkadian and Aramaic languages, and ending with the Arabic language, the largest and richest among the living languages of the world in our time. The importance of these languages, especially Arabic, is that their people did not consider them to be a means of transmitting knowledge only, but rather a part of their identity. With the development of computer science and artificial intelligence and its entry into all areas of life, including language learning. It has become necessary to introduce and exploit artificial intelligence algorithms in learning the Arabic language. Like all other living languages, this is what the research aims to investigate. and learn about those algorithms. And a statement of what it has reached, its advantages and shortcomings.