Regional classification of educational and health services capabilities in the districts of Baghdad governorate According to its standard variables


The research aims to conduct a regional classification of educational and health potentials in the districts of Baghdad governorate based on the amounts of deficit or gap in their performance and according to their variables included in the classification process in a standard form. The vision adopted in completing the research requirements was based on a thorough study of the merits of the studied services, coupled with the number of its population and the size of the targeted population group according to the type of service or activity. The deficit in it was determined based on the planning standards taken from sources approved in most of them by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning. The number of standard variables included in the research was (17 variables) that are applied to the ten districts of Baghdad governorate. Thus, the outcome of the analysis and the most prominent results are a representative map of the deficit amounts with its standard variables for the components of the services under study, spatially different between the districts of the governorate