Manifestations of amusement and entertainment in the Kingdom of Palmyra


The Kingdom of Palmyra was considered one of the most important Arab kingdoms that emerged in Greater Syria in classical times, during the first three centuries AD.The Palmyrene civilization was characterized by prosperity and sophistication, due to its linguistic and cultural richness, distinguished architectural activity, high-level art, and an organized economic and administrative system, comparable to what was present in the metropolises of the developed world at the time. Leisure and entertainment came from the Greek and Roman civilizations, and they were keen to make it fit with their civilizational heritage, so they built a range of recreational and service facilities, such as theaters, bathrooms, racing fields, markets, celebration squares, and public gardens. They included festivals and Olympic games, and revived the days of victory and holidays, so they enjoyed and spent the happiest and most beautiful times, seeking through them to achieve joy and pleasure by taking care of these entertainment manifestations, sustaining their structure, and supporting their entertaining activities for their community