An Investigation into Thermal Performance of a Tapered Glass Window


The conjugate heat transfer problem through a glass window with non-uniform thickness is presented. The problem was studied using the fully implicit finite difference numerical technique. The tapered glass window is subjected to a convective boundary condition on the outer uniform side of the window and the heat transfer comfortable temperature . The upper and lower edge of the tapered section is also at constant temperature but equal to the main temperature between the indoor and outdoor temperature . In the first part a rectangular cross section an area of 4mm width and 1 m height was taken under study . While, in the second part of the study , a tapered cross section with difference tapered angles of 0.05, 0.1,0.15 and 0.2 degree was held. Another case of the equal cross section area of the tapered and the rectangular cross section was also studied. Good results were obtained and reported graphically . It was found that the ratio of that loss by convection from the linear tapered to the rectangular section increases with the increasing of time and the tapered angle.