The reality of community services in the countryside of Al-Mahaweel District Center, problems and solutions .


Abstract The aim of the research is to study the reality of community services represented in education and health in the countryside of Al-Mahaweel District Center for the year 2021 AD. Through several educational and health indicators and a study of their criteria to determine the degree of efficiency of these services, the research reached several results, the most important of which is a clear decline in the level of health services, as the majority of the countryside of the Mahaweel Center depends on the Mahaweel General Hospital and the absence of a health center or health house in most villages Which has been studied, as it turns out, there is a clear decline in the level of school services and the lack of a fair distribution of those services, in addition to that, a weakness in their efficiency and that the available ones do not meet the needs of the population in the countryside and not taking into account the growth of the population, as the number of residents of the district and its countryside reached (45072) People according to population estimates for the year 2021, and the research has come up with a set of proposed solutions to address the lack of community services in accordance with Iraqi standards set by the locations of some rural settlements