Seasonal Variations of Air Pollutants Concentrations within Baghdad City


Air pollution is increased significantly nowadays due to various industrial activities and car combustion emissions. In this work, data have been collected from Al-Jadrya Monitoring Station (JMS). The effects of seasonal variation on the pollutants concentration were examined. Furthermore, relations of nitrogen oxides concentrations (NOx) were assessed during the first hours of the working days. Three randomly days from each of January, February, July and August have been taken to represent winter and summer seasons, respectively. It has been found that concentrations of all examined pollutants have not exceeded the acceptable limits. However, nitrogen oxides (NOx) seem to be effected by seasonal variation where its concentration has increased in June and August of the summer season. The concentrations of other pollutants (SO2, CO, PM) have not been influenced by seasonal variations, and they depend on the gaseous source emissions at different times of the year. Hourly monitoring for nitrogen oxides (NOx) concentration showed increasing in concentrations during the summer season, especially in the early hours of the working days.