Digital Modernity And Its Constructive Impact On The Performance Of Workers In Tourism Organizations: An analytical study in the premium class hotels of the city of Baghdad


The current research tests the effect of digital modernity and its components (hardware, software, communication networks, individuals) in improving the performance of workers. The research problem was represented in several questions that were answered to know the extent of the hotel management’s interest in supporting and applying digital modernity, and then determining the effect between its variables. (48) from (Delegated Director, Department Managers, Division Managers) in the premium hotels of the city of Baghdad, and data and information were collected using a questionnaire, and the data was analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS)The research reached several results, including: that there is a statistically significant effect between the research variables (digital modernity, improving the performance of workers), and these results are identical to the research hypotheses. The research presented a number of recommendations, perhaps the most prominent of them: the most important of which was the necessity of applying digital modernity by the surveyed hotels because of its importance in solving many problems, including the negatives of paper handling