Strategic capabilities in the framework of training techniques - applied research


The research aims to measure the level of impact of training techniques on strategic capabilities, and to determine their role in strategic capabilities in the researched organization through theoretical and conceptual framing first, and to test the effect between research variables secondly, and accordingly three main hypotheses were put forward, and the research problem represented by raising several questions that emerged from what it faced Organizations today, especially service organizations, and the need for strategic capabilities in order to face challenges. These fundamental questions lie in (what the organization suffers from in the weakness in exercising capabilities in human resources, especially after the adoption of the early retirement law and the lack of interest in developing and training human resources, and for the importance of this topic, the research shows The importance of training techniques in organizations, especially in strategic capabilities and in the organization (the research sample) and for the purpose of achieving the goal of the research and to answer the questions of the problem, the research was applied to a sample of (160) individuals consisting of department managers, division managers and unit officials, and the questionnaire was adopted as a basic tool in Data collection as well as personal interviews, adoption of the descriptive analytical approach and the use of a number of statistical methods to analyze data and obtain results C such as frequencies, percentages, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Pearson correlation coefficient and simple regression analysis, as the data were statistically processed using the spss program) and an impact statement between the research variables, and the researcher reached a number of results, including the effect of training techniques on strategic capabilities, and through The results show that the organization possesses high cultural capabilities and entrepreneurial capabilities that affect the strategic capabilities of the department, and accordingly the department can use the interaction of training techniques to influence the strategic capabilities of the researched organization and create, present and acquire value, and the most prominent hypothesis in the research is the impact of training techniques on the strategic capabilities of the organization.