Effect of Anaplasma spp. infection on some blood parameters in Awassi local breed sheep.


The aim of this study to investigation the effect of Anaplasma spp. infection on some blood parameters by collecting 65 blood samples from Awassi local breed sheep. The total infection rate 26.15 % which divided into 25 % in males and 26.31 % in females. The parasitemia range between 0.5-4 % (mean 1.97 %). The infected animals showed anemia represented by decrease means of packed cell volume (P<0.01), red blood cell count (P<0.05) and haemoglobin concentration, While increase corpuscular volume, corpuscular haemoglobin and corpuscular haemoglobin concentration (P<0.05). As well as decrease total white blood cell count and monocytes while increase lymphocytes, neutrophils , eosinophils, basophils and platelets comparison to non infected animals. Our conclusion refered to the direct effect of Anaplasma parasite on some blood parameters in the infected Awassi local breed sheep.