Outcome of Tubularized incised plate procedure in circumcised hypospadias


Background: The procedure Tubularized incised plate (TIP)urethroplasty using avascularized dartos fascia as neourethralcoverage from the prepuce (foreskin) of uncircumcised patients isthe standard procedure, however, in spite of the constant fact thatcircumcision is contraindicated in babies with hypospadias, still wesee unlucky babies already circumcised before repair.Aim of the current study: To assess the result of TIPurethroplasty in circumcised hypospadias patients and to determinehow much prior circumcision will complicate or adversely affectthe repair of the hypospadias.Patients and methods: The data collection extends from March2010 to December 2016, 40 boys with circumcised hypospadiasaged between 11 months to 15 years were primarily repaired usingTIP technique. Glanular, coronal, subcoronal, distal penile andmidshaft were all incorporated in this study, all proximal and redocases were excluded.Results: In our study, fistula that needs surgical correction later ondeveloped in four cases (10%). Two patients (5%) developedmeatal stenosis get better to meatal dilatation.Conclusion: Circumcision before hypospadias repair has aminimal adverse effect on the result of tabularized incised plateprocedure in children with distal and mid shaft hypospadias.