Color Harmony in Urban Environment


Many studies have addressed the problem of visual distortion a and disharmony in urbanfacades in terms of styles , formations , compositions and materials ... Etc., which reflectednegatively on the urban form and aesthetic character of the city, and as a result of imposingof colors and clear dissonant in its design harmony .This research deals with the concept of harmony in architecture in general and urban design inparticular, draw the most important formulas to achieve Color harmony in the urban facades,the research problem states that "there is no clear perception of the formulas to achievecolor harmony in urban facade ", The research hypothesis in " color harmony may beachieved in urban facade through selected harmony formulas." Research hypothesis wastested in an urban housing project adopted, the color as a key element in the design of itsfacades, after some necessary adjustments to the application in the program (AdobePhotoshop CS5), research has concluded the following:1 - the values of harmony achieved in different form according to the level of Color Harmonyformula approved in the design, which indicates the integration between the relations ofharmony and the formula of the Color Harmony.2 – the change of the color harmony formula effects the value of formal harmony.