Laplace Transformation for Determining The Linear Equivalence of The Periodic Sequence


The research presents a proposed method with an algorithm written inMatlab language to determine the linear equivalence of the pseudo-randomperiodic sequences mathematically by using the Laplace transform. Theproposed method enables the computation of the linear equivalence todetermine the degree of the complexity of any periodic sequences producedfrom linear or nonlinear key generators. The procedure can be usedcomparatively greater computational ease and efficiency. The results of thisalgorithm are compared with Berlekamp-Massey (BM) method and goodresults are obtained where the results of the Laplace transform are moreaccurate than those of (BM) method for computing the linear equivalence (L)of the sequence of period (p) when (L) is greater than (p/2). Some examplesare given for consolidating the accuracy of the results of this proposedmethod.