Palestinian human rights in


Human rights issue that deserves especially at a time constantly raise the slogans of human rights as a cover for the forfeiture and cancellation in and become a refusal to interfere in the internal affairs of countries to impose intervention - military - the occupation and became a means of liberation.It's paradoxes of U.S. exclusivity and arrogance and Zionism, which Zbban a real threat to human rights and international laws and charters of the UN and international and regional organizations.The Dva some of the recommendations from the results of our search Nstanbth perhaps contribute to the preservation of human rights on Palestinian confiscated. A.• Work to change the policy of the ruling Arab regimes because most authoritarian and familial and genetic. Kraséa interest to them and not the interests of their people.• freedom from dependency and adherence to national principles and nationalism.• Giving greater freedom to the press, thought, movement and association.• make way for multi-party system and the formation of trade unions and professional organizations and popular.• Conduct in-depth dialogue between Arab governments and parties, organizations and national figures for the national interest.• make way for women to do its part as an actor half of the society.• stand by the Palestinian rights - in the international arena - not to submit to the US-Israeli policies submissive.• supporting the resistance in support of a serious and significant. Politically and financially, militarily and economically, the media and Tzlyahya.• expose the practices of Zionism and the daily violations against the people of Palestine and Israel to demand the punishment for this brutal repeated violations.• establish better relations with international institutions concerned with human rights and the development of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians before it.• demand the punishment of Israel for not respecting the laws and decisions of international human rights and violation of them.• pressure on America to change its policy of supporting Israel and paid to the persistence and arrogance, aggression, and to expose U.S. support for Israel.