The Role of Value - Stream Maps in Reducing Costs


The research aims to identify the concept of value flow maps and to identify the costing of products under the method of value flow costs, which represents one of the tools of agile accounting and to shed light on the concept of value provided to the customer. And changing the customers’ tastes that affect the value of the product offered by the economic unit to its customers, as well as the problem of traditional cost systems and their inability to provide appropriate data and information for the management of the economic unit in order to make sound decisions, especially decisions related to the product and reduce its cost and attic while maintaining the good quality of the product requires Economic units should realize the importance of applying modern management accounting techniques, which have a significant role in reducing costs, preventing waste and improving product value, the most important of which is the value-flow mapping (VSM) technique, as this technique is one of the most important techniques that have succeeded in a competitive business environment for its role in improving the value of the product And reduce its cost, as this technique was applied in the practical aspect of research and how to transform the winding wire plant into Productive cells and then prepare a value flow in the form of successive steps, and cancel the two stages of requesting the raw material and the arrival of the raw material and merging it into one stage for the purpose of reducing the handling time and reducing the number of workers in application of the value flow technique. In production and loss in accounting treatments, as it is an effective and efficient tool that provides the ability to diagnose waste and work to make the necessary improvements, and in the light of these conclusions, many recommendations have been put in place, the most important of which is the interest of the Ur company’s management in general images and the winding wire lab in particular by applying modern techniques in cost accounting and administrative ones (such as value flow maps) to benefit from the information provided by this technology on activities that do not add value, thus reducing costs, improving product value, achieving customer satisfaction and achieving profits.