The suffering of Palestinian children under Zionist oppression


Since the beginning of the al-Aqsa Intifada was the Palestinian children are victims of Israeli violence, as it suffered thousands of children from the psychological trauma the product of Maisthm and watching the horrific events, as well as the arrest of more than (3000) children during the Intifada, and still more from the (300) of these children are languishing in prisons , and the Israeli detention centers in inhumane conditions. Abuses Israeli left a negative impact in the various aspects of the rights of Palestinian children, whether their life or their right to education or their freedom or their right to an adequate standard or adequate health, as well as the dilemmas of community, and increasing poverty, and lack of basic needs of different groups of society, and the complexity of the situation and the problems experienced by the internal Palestinian situation of decline at all levels, and a defect in the performance of most public and private institutions, and the lack of tools, plans and programs of the Organization to respond to needs arising as a result of this situation, as well as difficulties and problems on the rights of Palestinians in general and Palestinian children in particular, as a Palestinian society of the future child, and then attention upbringing, and the development of their ability so that they can contribute, but to be a social progress and upgrade. Vemoatna children and young people do not go necessarily through voting, but by giving children and young people account for expressing themselves and being recognized as a key problem for the group and society, with the result that highlights citizenship through do to the community, and its impact on their issues, and this will be done only by giving the children their rights. * The rates of natural growth of normal in the personal aspects require the provision of a family environment, social, economic, and cultural stable rich Palmthirat, saturated with the needs of the sick of the motives and desires, such as this does not happen within which the optimal or even minimal demolition of staff of the Palestinian society, the killing of aspects of life , activity, and scientific development, and cultural and civilizational heritage in it, and to devote all forms of deprivation as a reality-based and circumscribed. * The misery, injustice, and injustice suffered by the Palestinian child as a result of Zionist terrorism and the Israeli siege on the Palestinian territories is one of the worst forms experienced by humanity, and the death of hundreds of martyrs, dozens of them children, the most targeted in terrorist attacks Zionism anxiety of children, many Palestinians, as well as the intimidation spread to include those who have seen frequent portrayal on television or the daily cohabitation of reality distorted bodies affected as we realized that children were not to have direct experience with violence. * The most important findings of this research is the psychological impact that formed the common factor in all Investigation of this research, but his papers. Painful attitudes faced by Palestinian children in every moment, not to mention the social problems, and the policy of the Israeli occupation of aggression aimed at the stone, and trees, and humans. That all this will lead that did not lead to a long list of concerns experienced by the children of the Intifada from lack of sleep, feeling inadequate, lack of self-confidence, lack of concentration, and mood fluctuations. And read quick pyramid (Maslow) for humanitarian needs, and linked by a Palestinian child in the conditions of occupation, we come to the conclusion: The deviation of satisfying the humanitarian needs of Palestinian children on their routes and rates of natural lead to weakness in the structure of personal and composition, and a decline in pursue their and maturity lose the ability to achieve the required consensus , and increases the chances of their occurrence in mental disorders prevalent in the Palestinian reality, and behavioral problems inherent result of his sense of sorrow and grief that leads to what is called in Psychiatry (b depression loss), and is growing in the same feelings of convergence and evolving has to (phobia, and fears of neurotic illness ). * And do not forget what the media's responsibility is to:The child interacts with the events taking place around him, and the notation made internally, which plays a key role in the formulation of their awareness, and link the present and the past of Palestinian history for the drafting of Palestinian memory, and then memory and awareness of rump buzz of the concepts, and beliefs, moral, and religious view of the role of an important role at the level of understanding and acceptance of the conditions surrounding, and reduce stress and anxiety associated with the situation psychologically Palestinian children, and self-expression so as not to keep the frustration and fear are the obsession of a Palestinian child, and re-drafting and amendment of laws that prohibit child labor until he reaches the legal age, and increase going to education, and encourage study, and draw the promise of the future in the face of children and the hearts of the Palestinians regardless of the suffering and pain. * The Palestinian child who grew up and matured quickly during the uprising was not able to achieve this maturity without the intifada. Intifada were not stoned stones at occupation, but the uprising was and will remain an uprising of the child poverty and volcanoes socially and politically, during which the child was able to achieve for himself and builds entity and place not less than the status of his fathers, or sisters. We have proved that the uprising of the peace agreements have failed to tame the new generation mentality, also confirmed that the children of Palestine are the generation most hardness, and seasoned, and the ability to confuse the enemy, and placed in a permanent state of anxiety. They are out of the camps, and villages, and cities to face the Israeli occupation army Bdbabath, and ammunition, catapults, and stone, and bare breasts. We have turned what Achtznoh in their imaginations, and what they saw from the oppression of their relatives and their parents, and the desecration of their land, the demolition of their homes, which included their dreams, and sufferings, to do a real simplicity and spontaneity prove its merit in this country, and Adallalon it on their potential to establish a feat based on their thin shoulders. Finally ... We say that Palestinian society calls for putting the issue of children and their rights a top priority for the treatment of the negative effects of violations of Israeli occupation of private rights that have been prejudice Direct: Kalojna and infants, such as children living with, children of prisoners, and abused children, and children of martyrs and the sons of the martyrs. It is an invitation to re-hymns of life, and songs of love and peace with its glory and cast it childish to the Palestinian Children!