Supplier Ranking in Dental Sector Using Integrated Fuzzy (AHPTOPSIS)


Choosing a suitable supplier of materials and equipment in the healthcare sectoris essential because it directly affects the patient's health and the organization'seffectiveness and quality of services. Moreover, studies on supplier ranking arefew in the field of health, particularly in the dental sector. For this purpose, anintegrated fuzzy (AHP-TOPSIS) model has been developed for supplier rankingin the dental sector. The F-AHP is used to evaluate the importance of criteria,and then the F-TOPSIS method is applied to the supplier ranking process. A realcase study is conducted on dental composite filling suppliers. Six evaluationcriteria are identified, and five potential suppliers are selected through a directinterview with a group of experts. Then a questionnaire is applied to 12 experts(dentists) to rate the importance of evaluation criteria and to evaluate suppliersbased on evaluation criteria. Evaluating the importance of criteria using F-AHPindicated that quality is the most important criterion. It has a weight of 0.22,followed by esthetic and durability with a weight of 0.21 for both. Moreover, theresult of ranking using F-TOPSIS indicated that supplier A5 is the top supplierwith a value of (