Using of Rapid test for diagnosis of infectious bronchitis and Study of virus histological changes in Thi-Qar province


Infectious bronchitis in poultry is one of the economically important diseases in the poultry industry. Study was aimed to diagnose Infectious bronchitis virus ( IBV ) in broiler chickens using the rapid kit test assay .The current study was completed to diagnose infection in (28) broiler chicken flocks in Thi-Qar province.During the period of October 2020 to May 2021 . Samples were collected – swabs were examination results from a total of (28) fields , (18) fields (64.28%) were positive using the rapid kit test. The results of the microscopic histological examination of the trachea section showed epithelial cell strife and hemorrhage, while in the lung sever exudation of inflammatory cells,in the kidneys were characterized by the presence of degeneration in the renal tubules