Voltammetric determination of Modecate using Square wave voltammetry (S.W.V.) technique: Application to blood serum and urine of schizophrenic patients


The direct voltammetric determination of Modecate was studied using square wave Voltammetry. Modecate gives a well defined reduction peak at (-1.23) volt versus the reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/Sat.KCl),calibration curve were constructed in phosphate buffer (pH=7.0), in diluted human serum and normal urine, the plots of peak current versus concentration were linear within the concentration range [(9.99 ×10-8)– (9.90×10-7)] M , [(2.98 ×10-7) – (9.87×10-7)] M and [(9.94 ×10-8) – (1.17×10-6)] M. The correlation coefficient were (0.9849) , (0.9965) and (0.9895) respectively. The method was successfully applied to determine Modecate in blood Sera and urine of Schizophrenic patients.