Phosphate Rock Treatment with Hydrochloric Acid for Increasing P2O5 Content


The present paper deals with the treatment of phosphate obtained from a commercialsample of Akashat phosphate ore in hydrochloric acid. The factors studied are effectsof the temperature of dissolution, acid concentration, and the time required for mixingphases. The experiments were performed with 100 kg/m3 of solid/liquid ratio, the sizeof the particles ranged 125-140 μm, the initial acid concentrations were 20, 30 and 40wt% HCl, and the temperature of dissolution was kept constant at 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70oC. The results indicated that the percentage of P2O5 increases as the HCl concentrationincreased using different time and temperatures. Also, the results showed that the bestconditions for P2O5 recovery process according were acid concentration 40%, reactiontime of 90 min, and temperature 30 oC.