Water Recycling / Reuse in Factories Case Study Soft Drink Factory


The aim of the present work is to study water recycling and reuse in a soft drinkFactory.Water is an essential raw material in the soft drink productions with a consumption of2.5 to 3.5 liter of water per liter of soft drink. The wastewater generated in thisindustry is mainly from bottle washing, filler backwashing, washing of bottlemachines, equipments, floors and pipe work during flavor changing. The majorcontaminants in this effluent are caustic soda and sucroseIn order to reduce water consumption and volume of wastewater generated in thesoft drink plant, Sulave private sector factory was chosen as a case study of thegenerated wastewater in the plant .The study was carried out between May tillOctober 2010 for measuring and monitoring various pollutants of the generatedwastewater in the plant.Two strategies had been proposed, in the first wastewater out of bottle washingmachine and washing columns could be recycled to the units if treated by: Filtration-Adsorption-Reverse Osmosis system, this proposal reduced water consumption in thefactory by about 35% and decreased wastewater effluents by 65% of total wastewatereffluents. The second strategy was to reuse water out of the bottle washing machineafter treating it by: Filtration-Adsorption system to be used in the washing column.The water consumption in this strategy was reduced by about 15% with a reductionof 35% in wastewater effluents