Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of Glass- Polyester Composite System under Graphite Filler Content


Experimental investigations had been done in this work to demonstrate the effect ofgraphite filler contents on the mechanical and tribological behavior of (30% volumefraction) glass-polyester composite system. The stress-strain relations, modulus ofelasticity, yield stress, ultimate tensile strength and ultimate compression strength werestudied according to ASTM-D 638-87and ASTM-D 695 to present the compositemechanical behavior. The wear rate and wear resistance were investigated according toASTM-D 5963 using pin on disc machine to present the composite tribological behavior.The results showed that the mechanical and tribological properties behavior wasimproved when the graphite filler content was increased up to 7.5% and then decreasedafter that. At 7.5% filler content the modulus of elasticity, yield stress, ultimate tensilestrength, ultimate compression strength and wear resistance increased by (41%, 64%,24%, 60% and 38%) greater than unfilled composite, while the wear rate was decreasedby 27% less than the unfilled one.