influence of media policy on peaceful coexistence in Iraq


Media policy is a multi-field concept as it links this concept between media and politics is linked to the political system and the economic and social development of the state which disseminates the general culture of the masses in all educational aspects stemming from the culture of society and these means are radio, television, newspapers, magazines and others. The advantages of the media are that they are fast-communicating widely spread and available to a large number of members of society through these institutions, new principles and correct educational guidance can be disseminated. Thus, media policy affects national unity and the media plays an important role in Iraq about the upbringing of individuals, as it transmits.They have the social events and changes that occur in Iraqi society and they form the springs Peaceful coexistence is intended to reduce conflicts and ideological differences between the two parties to the conflict and seek to reduce tension between the parties to the conflict which results in an opportunity to sit down and dialogue among them to resolve disputes, whether economically, religiously or culturally. All religions consolidate the idea of peaceful coexistence