Tourist Development of the religious heritage sites in the Nineveh Plain


Religious heritage sites in the Nineveh Plain are part of the cultural heritage of Nineveh Governorate, which reflects its identity and cultural affiliation, It is considered a unique cultural and historical heritageand an extension of ancient civilizations that occupied great place in the civilizational composition of the city of Nineveh, And it became an inheritance for the peaple of the parents and a source of pride and pride for all the peaple of Nineveh. It is what it carries of the values and meanings, but indicates the nobility, authenticity and national identity. Hence, we aim to study the religious heritage sites in the Nineveh Plain, the nature of the relationship between them and the tourism development as well as the natural constituent, cultural and human ingredients that they possess, and the channels through which those ingredients are used to employ them in tourism development as part of the architectural identity of civilization in Nineveh Governorate.