The Effect of a Training program on Developing Social Agreement of Special Education pupils in


The aim of this research is : to build a Training program to develop social agreement of special education pupils in Ninevah Governorate to identify the effect of this program on the subjects of the experimental group ; and to identify the significance of differences of the effect of this program according to the variable of sex . The research has included fourth primary pupils at Al-Muthana and Al-Imam Malik schools for the academic year (2008-2009) . The researchers have used the social agreement scale prepared by (Ghanim ,2005) for its efficiency in the Iraqi environment .The second tool is the training program which is formed out of four aspects and has included nine settings that have included , in turn , a number of activites . The researchers have used t-test in analyzing the data which clarify an efficiency of the program used in this research in developing social agreement of the experimental group . Moreover , the variable of sex has had no role in the effect made by the program . Building on the results , the researchers have presented a number of recommenolotions and suggestions to make use of the training program prepared in this research.