Vision in Ka'ab bin Zuhair Poetry


The study reveals the vision of Ka'ab bin Zuhair that represents his intellectual and aesthetic attitude towards life , poetry and the world. So, his poetry goes beyond the visible to create a united and harmonized world. Thus, his poetry was not a mere photographic description of nature or a narration of events ,his poetry was a creation and vision. So, Ka'ab transcended the surface vision limits of the things and penetrated through their depths in an attempt to have an insight and contemplation in and out of the things via the strength of mind and comprehension to give them a new meaning that emanates from his depths creating new horizons not on the level of the topics ,but on the comprehensive view of the universe ,life and the world .The ruins were a moment of contemplation and a standing point between the departed past and the unstable present and the unknown future. Desert, with its depth and vast area, represented freedom and the infinity.The animal was a symbol of the conflict between the will of survival and mortality ,life and death .He started from his vision to woman as she represented a symbol of love and amity as well as she was the cause of his death and misery.