Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials in Deionized Water with and without Catalyst Using Arc Discharge Technique


Simple and economical technique was used for synthesis of carbonnanomaterials without using vacuum equipment. The used technique implied anarc discharge between two pure graphite rods with different diameters submergedin deionized water at room temperature. These were also investigated with a newtype of metal catalyst process for the first time. Plasma arc discharge wasproduced using D.C power supply with current (30-90 amp.) and voltage (30-50volt). The nanomaterials were produced in the form of nanoparticles (floated),nanotubes and nanofibers (sank), and carbon nanocolloidal (dispersed) through thewater. The results of these experiments were examined by high resolution opticalmicroscope, scanning electron microscope SEM and transmission electronmicroscope TEM. The results revealed different types of carbon nanomaterials.