Detection of Water-Table by Using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)


Ground penetrating radar, GPR, is a high resolution geophysical method,which is based on the propagation of high frequency electromagnetic waves. TheGPR method images structures in the ground that are related to changes indielectric properties. In sediments, water content primarily causes the changes indielectric properties. Therefore GPR can be used to estimate underground watertable.In this study a GPR system has been used successfully to produce acontinuous profile of the water table on the (Said Abdullah bin Al-Hassan Shrine)as a study area, which is located in Al-Yousifyah region to the south of Baghdad.Geotechnical field test to underground water determination by the drilling methodcommonly used to comparing the results between geotechnical field test and GPRtest. Thus, GPR has proven to be an effective detection method for undergroundwater level, and can serve as reference for future applications.