Longitudinal Form Factors and Quadrupole Moments of 22,26Na Isotopes with Different Interactions


The longitudinal electron scattering form factors and the electric quadrupolemoments are calculated for the states with Jπ T= 3+0 (ground state) and 1+ 0 (583keVexcited state) of 22Na and Jπ T= 3+2 (ground state) of 26Na. Shell model calculationsare based on USDA, USDB and Wildenthal interactions. The exact center of masscorrection is included in Born approximation picture to generate the longitudinalform factors. The core polarization (CP) effect with the values of effective nucleoncharges ep=1.35, en= 0.35, with Bohr Mottelson formula gave a good agreement withthe measured electric quadrupole moments. The structure of the nuclei underconsideration shows that the 1d5/2 orbit is dominant configuration for 22Na, and 2s1/2orbit for 26Na.