A Multi-Carrier Structure for Chaos –Shift Keying


The next generation of wireless communications networks needs higher data transfer rates; this requires to provide wireless communication systems operating at higher spectral efficiencies. In this research, an overall study on performing a Multi-Carrier Structure for Chaos Shift keying using the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technique because of the limited speed provided by Chaos Shift Keying due to the spreading factor. OFDM has become an effective investment in the available bandwidth and the basis of 4G, 5G mobile communication systems that enable high data rates in the wireless communication system. The chaotic sequence was generated by the proposed tent map. The performance test using the Bit Error Rate (BER), Mean Squared Error (MSE), correlative test, and the chaotic characteristics of the chaos generator sequence using are tested by the Lyapunov Exponent. Results showed the proposed method for tent map when (a=0.5) provide ideal chaotic sequence characteristic, in which difficulty expecting the chaotic type and initial condition. In addition, the proposed system to multi-carrier structure for the CSK system with different Spreading Factors (SF) values outperforms on a CSK system in height the data transmission rate.