Emoji and its Role in Acquiring and Reinforcing the Second Language


This scientific paper focuses the possibilities of applying emojis, which are figurative elements of digital linguistic significance. The study further focuses on the conceptual nature of contemporary digital writing in academic contexts in comparison with their mother tongue learning (English) and their second language learning (Arabic). The results focus on the analysis of 120 emoji symbols integrated in writing comments, answers, and various expressions that students of the "Language and Culture" diploma used in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in class interactions, in writing assignments, in responses, or in personal comments and impressions about assessments, which were throughout the years of the pandemic. These emojis were categorized into eight categories according to Emojipedia, which showed similar behavior in both languages with respect to three main axes of analysis: distribution, circulation, and verbalization (DANESI, 2016). The study concludes the significant semantic value of emojis in enhancing the acquisition of language skills for the Arabic language at the level of writing and comprehension (linguistic perception), and the advantages of its educational applications in teaching Arabic and foreign languages, and in their development.