An Appropriate Traffic Routing Scheme for Node-to-Node Communications in LEO Satellite Network Using Hybrid Mesh Topology


Since Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provide short round trip delays, they arebecoming increasingly important for real-time applications such as voice and video traffic.Several strategies have been proposed for routing in a LEO satellite system. Some of themare based on the Internet Protocol (IP), the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switching,and the Routing Sets (RS).This paper will introduce an improving for the new packet routing mechanism overinter-connected satellite networks that is the Minimum Flow Maximum Residual (MFMR)algorithm that will be based on RS concept and will give simulation results of a certainscenario. Our proposed algorithm is based on the Hybrid mesh topology (one of many meshtopologies used in LEO satellite routing). The algorithm is developed and implementedusing a software simulation in Matlab. The proposed algorithm tries to minimize themaximum flow over a given set of shortest paths from the source to destination, and also,generates minimum propagation delay paths. The propagation delay we get is less than thatof MFMR algorithm, i.e., improving the performance of the LEO satellite network by usingHybrid topology.