Dynamically Loaded Analysis of The Adjustable Hydrodynamic Pads Bearing


This paper presents the instantaneous journal center velocity under dynamic loadfor adjustable hydrodynamic four pads bearing. The velocity is calculated by mobilitymethod in different values of length - diameter ratios (0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 0.95). Finitedifference method was used to solve the Reynolds equation in two dimensions. Thisequation includes the total oil film thickness (oil film thickness and elastic deformationpad material due to generated pressure ).The effects of many parameters were studiedsuch as dynamic coefficients (stiffness and damping coefficients) and power loss on thebearing performance. The results proved that the journal center velocity and mobilitycomponents is affected by the sign of the eccentricity ratio components, also themaximum value of the journal center velocity is determined by the values of the length -diameter ratios. The vertical stiffness coefficient (Kyy) and damping coefficient (Cyy)increase as the eccentricity ratio increased. The power loss were found increase whenlength diameter ratio increase.