Saudi ambitions in Oman during the reign of Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud 1803-1818 AD


In the year 1803 AD, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al Saud died, who is said to have been killed by an Iraqi man in the Diriyah Mosque (the capital of the first Saudi state) on the fourth of November 1803, and at that time the Saudi forces, led by the Wahhabi leader Salem Al-Hareq, were continuing their advance Towards Omani lands and besieging Sohar, but it was forced to withdraw towards the main Saudi base in Al-Buraimi following the news of the assassination of Prince Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al Saud, and Prince Saud (the second) bin Abdulaziz Al Saud assumed the succession of his father in the emirate of the first Saudi state, and that was In the year 1803, Prince Saud Al-Kabeer was the title that the Saudis preferred to give to Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz, the leader of the Saudi forces and the right hand of his father in his life, and by assuming the emirate he continued his father’s path in crawling towards the south of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically towards the coast of Oman, Oman and Muscat, and let the second page begin in The march of Saudi ambitions in its desire to annex Omani lands to the power and control of the House of Saud and to impose Wahhabi hegemony and intellectual, political and economic submission to the Saudi state until 1818 AD.