Reading the Geographical Record of Oman Region


The roots and details of geographical blogging date back to early periods in the life of mankind, through the material and moral heritage left to us by human civilizations with their various differences in various fields related to geographical works and travel literature. Oman has had a great number of geographical blogs that were made by travellers, merchants and adventurous sailors or those that have been written down and copied by historians, geographers, politicians and religious scholars throughout history.The books and sources of geographical blogging were the result of successive experiences of successive generations, which had a clear passion in this field and in discovering the hidden aspects of Oman and other regions and areas. This geographical heritage, through its various historical periods, is a cultural extension of previous experiences that researchers and those interested in this field relied on to support their studies and research reports. We may not be able to elaborate on this matter, but we firmly believe in the role of geographical blogging in proving many of the historical and geographical facts of Oman and other regions, strengthening and consolidating loyalty and belonging to all the legacies and gains of this Arab-Muslim region, and to establish the foundations of its existence and its political, economic and social role at the level of The Persian Gulf region and Persia and at the international level as well.