The reality of e-government in Iraq within global indicators and surveys with reference to the General Tax Authority for the period 2003-2022


Iraq is still lagging behind significantly in the field of e-government application compared to many other countries, which was confirmed digitally by indicators of United Nations surveys. On the absence of political support and the weakness of specialized human cadres and so on. The research aims to analyze the reality of electronic government in Iraq and the General Tax Authority, as they represent a research community, during the period (2003-2022). The researcher relied on the descriptive analytical approach, in addition to the comparative approach, and personal interviews, for the purpose of producing results expressing the reality of the research.The research reached several results, the most important of which is that what hinders the application of electronic government in Iraq in general and the General Commission for Taxes in particular is the absence of political support and resistance to change, in addition to poor planning and the lack of specialized cadres. On the other hand, there are several recommendations that were presented, the most important of which is the need to seek the help of experts and specialists in this field, in addition to the successful global experiences of electronic transformation for the purpose of guidance.