Fatigue Study Of E-Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite Under Fully Reversed Loading And Spectrum Loading


Study of the fatigue behaviors experimentally and theoretically of a compositematerial manufactured for this paper by stacking four layers of E-glass fiber indifferent angle orientations (0o, ± 45o, 0o/90o) immersed in polyester resin with totalthickness 4 mm. They were tested under two types of dynamic loads in fully reversibletension-compression load at (R=-1) and spectrum load as fatigue testing, to estimate lifecurves and microscopic an examination was carried out for stress affected and fractureareas. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS Workbench™ was used toevaluate the composite behaviour under fatigue conditions. The results of the fatiguetest show that the uniaxial [04] composite has the highest strength and the fatiguedegradation is also the highest. The high magnification optical microscopy methodshows that the failure of laminas at ± 45oand 0o/ 90o is due to matrix failure in thedirection of the fiber, whereas for the unidirectional lamina at 0o, the failure is due tofiber breakages.