Study the Physical Properties PVT of Polyethylene Glycol usıng the Sımha-Somcynsky Theory


In this study, the structure of polyethylene glycol polymer with different molecular weights was investigated, and the physical properties were studied in terms of pressure, volume and temperature using a theory called Simha-Somcynsky (SS). which shows irregular lattice structure in terms of the hole fraction depending on which thermodynamic quantities are expressed in the statistical thermodynamics of polymers. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the hole fraction and occupied site fraction y. Thermodynamic properties and hole fraction were investigated in the range of temperature between 283-450 K, and at a pressure up to 150 MP. Average error and maximum error in specific volume were determined as 0.036% and 0.28%, respectively, as the highest error in peg302. The other important determination was that the polyethylene glycol had glass transition temperatures ranging from 55 to 60 K.