Predictive Modeling of Surface Roughness Of Centered And Un-Centered Workpiece Lengths In Turning Operation


The attempt of the present study has addressed an area that has been relativelyneglected in the past researches. This area focuses on studying and analysis the effectof different centered and un-centered workpiece lengths, using turning machinetailstock, on the products surface roughness, and then collecting data to generate anexperimental charts and equations for the prediction modeling of surface roughnessand increasing productivity for many turned products. These charts and equationscould be serving as a quick indication for manufacturers to avoid pre-chatter conditionsand the trial and error methods, and consequently reduce the required experience inthis field. So, the applicable range of workpiece lengths can be safely extended from10 mm to 60 mm bars with 10 mm in diameter, and from 10 to 75 mm bars with 20mm in diameter. This range could be increasing as bar diameter increasing and viseversa.