The Use of Local Sawdust as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper Ion from Wastewater Using Fixed Bed Adsorption


The aim of the present work is to study the removal of copper ion presents inindustrial waste water using the local sawdust.Adsorption column was utilized in the removal process at constant temperature.The effect of the concentration of copper ion in the range (100-500) mg/L wasstudied. Increasing the inlet ion concentration increases the slope of the breakthroughcurve. The effect of bed height in the range of (10-30) cm on copper ionadsorption from wastewater was studied. The increase in bed height increases thebreak point values. The effect of flow rate in the range (0.5-1.5) cm3/sec on copperion adsorption also was studied. Increasing the flow rate decreases the breakthroughtime. The best operating conditions in this work for copper ion adsorptionare 100 mg/L of feed, 30 cm bed height and 0.5 cm3/sec feed flow rate. It wasfound that the equilibrium relation agrees with Langmuir & Freundlich equations.Finally accumulation adsorption of copper ion at different operating conditionswas calculated.