The effect of the triple peer learning method in learning some types of basketball scoring


The first chapter included the introduction and the importance of the research and the research objective is to prepare special educational units using the triple peer learning method in learning some types of scoring (scoring from the free-throw line - jumping scoring - peaceful scoring). Knowing the effect of the triple peer learning method on learning skills in basketball. Find out which of the two groups is better at learning basketball skills. . The second chapter included the theoretical framework and interrelated studies. The third chapter included the research methodology and its field procedures, and the researcher used the experimental method. The research community reached (110) students from the second stage in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University College of Peace for the academic year 2021/2022, with a rate of (3) people. As for the research sample, it was chosen by the method Intentionally random, two divisions were chosen from the original research community, namely Division (A-C) and by lottery Division (A) became (37) students for the experimental group and Division (C) (36) students for the control group, and 13 students were excluded from the two divisions (a) and (c) who fail to attend, And the research sample became (60) students equally distributed among the two groups, and the exploratory experiment was conducted on a sample of their number (10), and the percentage of the sample was (54%) from the original community. The fourth chapter included presentation, analysis and discussion of the results, and included a detailed presentation of the results of all tests. The fifth chapter included the conclusions, which are: - The researcher concluded that the experimental group, on which the triple peer learning method was applied, was superior to the control group in learning some types of basketball scoring for students. The researcher recommends emphasizing the use of peer learning in recent studies and practical lessons.