Sustainable urban modernization and its role in thedevelopment of tourist and recreational sites in the city of Baghdad


Sustainable urban modernization is one of the most important pillars in improving the image of the tourist city, as tourism and recreational services depend mainly on the availability of infrastructure within urban cities. This industry is an effective element in the economy of many countries and affects the social, cultural and civilizational level. In our research, we dealt with the reality of the tourism services available within the urban component of the city of Baghdad, in order to enhance the image of the city and in line with the cultural heritage and the urban renaissance, and the tourism and recreational services varied within The study area is between services (religious, cultural, recreational, architectural, green and open places and water bodies), and the goal is to achieve tourism and recreational development in line with urban reality, considering the city of Baghdad as one of the most important urban cities with cultural and historical legacies. The research followed the descriptive method supported by quantitative expressions by adopting data and statistics derived from several official agencies related to the tourism and entertainment sector, in addition to information based on conducting personal interviews and field visits. Baghdad did not receive the attention required by the concerned authorities, which affected the implementation of sustainable urban modernization.