Effect of Different Chemical Solution On Tensile Strength of Polymer Composite


Hand lay- up technique was used to prepare sheets of epoxy composites reinforcedwith woven roven (0ο-90ο) glass fiber in weight fraction (50%).The sheets were left tosolidify at room temperature (23± 2οC). The samples immersed in (HCL, KOH, distilledwater, Benzene, and Kerosene) for equal time at constant temperature (23± 2) Cο. Thetensile strength was calculated for the samples before and after immersion in differentchemical solutions.The result shown that the tensile strength of the samples decreased after immersion indifferent solutions, while (Kerosene) solution has maximum effect in decreasing thetensile strength of the sample, the (Benzene) solution has minimum effect indecreasing the tensile strength of the sample, and the other solutions (distilled water,HCL, KOH) located between them in different ratio.Finally the samples immersed in (HCL) solution has maximum relative mass(minimum absorption resistance) while the sample immersed in distilled water hasminimum relative mass (maximum absorption resistance).