A Study on The Effect Of Temperature on The Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Using Chlorella Vulgaris Alga


Laboratory experiments were performed to study nutrient uptake by theunicellular green microalgae (Chlorella vulgaris ) grown in batch system uses Al-Asady Factory for Seeds and Animal Feed (Mahmodia/Iraq) industrial wastewateras culture media .The initial concentration of C.vulgaris was 1*10 6 cells/ml with48 hrs of incubation in wastewater at different temperatures ranges (20-35)°Cwhere changes in COD, BOD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentration inthe effluent were calculated.The results show that the removal efficiencies of COD ,BOD ,nitrogen andphosphorus are 88%, 89%,92% and 89% respectively. The optimum temperatureat which highest removal efficiencies were obtained was 30°C.