Data Hiding in Audio File by Modulating Amplitude


In this paper, two methods of a steganography are introduced for hidingsecret data in audio media file (.WAV). Hiding in audio becomes a challengingdiscipline, since the Human Auditory System is extremely sensitive. The firstproposed method is used to embed binary sequence with high data rate bymodulating the amplitude of WAVE file. The embedding process utilizes theamplitude modulation of the cover signal; the manipulation of the sample dependson its previous sample and next sample. By using this hiding method, good hidingrate is achieved, but it is noticed that the secret data produced by this method doesnot resist the modifications produced compression. The second suggested hidingmethods are oriented to embed the secret data such that it is capable of survivingagainst modifications produced by compression. This method exploits some of thefeatures of speech signal, more especially the features of the Voiced-Unvoicedblocks. The second proposed hiding method is used to embed secret data bymodulating the amplitude of the voiced blocks of cover audio data. Hiding rate isnot high as first method since it hiddes only in voiced segments ,so it could surviveagainst compression.