Improvement Personalization of Website Using Database and Cookies


Personalization involves taking some set of inputs and returningrecommendations to users through some types of computations. The method by whichthe personalization is performed depend on the type of data presented as input, therequired representation of the output and (in some cases) the speed and accuracy bywhich the output must be computed.This research tends to build the personalization in a new view, since it builds thepersonalization in the client in addition of the personalization in the server and usingmobile agent. That by making the personalization for improvement the speed andefficiency of search in crawling, producing a technique, that technique involverecording the previous user’s searches in cookies and databases then if the user try tomake a search on other time the proposed system will produce to him all the previoussearch’s results and the latest results from www. The tools used in the proposedsystem are SQL server 2000, HTML, ASP, Java script and two computers onepresents server and the second presents the client.