A New Method For Three Dimensional Cubic Bezier Surface Reconstruction Based On Matching The Surface Framework


Numerous efforts have been directed to convert the physical model ( in-handmodel) to a computer model. This work is dedicated for the cubic Bezier surfacereconstruction based on finding the positions of the sixteen control points that form thesurface of the product. The idea is based on inverse progressive search (IPS) methodrather than the approximate surface fitting method already used in previous researches.The presented method is based on three successive steps:(a) converting the continuouscoordinate measuring machine (CMM) data to discrete data,(b) estimating thepositions of the 12 boundary control points and (c) estimating the positions of the 4intermediate control points to generate the intended surface. To show the feasibility ofthe suggested method two experimental examples are conducted. The results show thevalidity and effectiveness of the method from the accuracy and computation time pointof view.